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You have questions and we have answers...

A few of the topics that will be discussed includes

  • Why is my hair so dry?

  • Things that you should never do to your hair at home

  • The proper way to shampoo and condition your hair

  • What is REALLY a protective hair style

  • How can I define my curl pattern

  • Why is my hair shedding?

  • Will my hair grow back?

  • Why the right products mean everything

  • Are relaxers bad for the hair

  • Why is my scalp itchy and flaky

  • How often should i shampoo

  • Should I oil my scalp

  • This thing about porosity

  • Tips on how to blow dry

  • What is a smoothing system

  • extensions sew ins weaves  wigs

  • Can I get a silk press and keep my curl pattern

  • much much more

We will finally get to the heart of the matter. We feel that this conversation is way overdue. Lets stop making hair care so complicated. We will explain the simple science of hair and show you whats going on.

$25 includes entry and 1 product according to your hair type

$100 includes entry and a complete a silk press kit or curl jelly system

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 2.38.46 PM.png

20 more slots available
closes on 6-20

Sybil is not only a talented stylist, but she also taught me about managing and enjoying the ways my hair behaves and how to treat it better. She was great to spend time with! Thanks, Sybil!


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