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Discover the M.E. Haircare Difference

Caring for your hair can be a major task and choosing the right products can be tough. With ME haircare you will find the right combination to help you to manage all aspects of your hair and scalp. We offer an extensive line of products that are formulated to produce remarkable results.

The hair needs to be properly cared for between salon visits, getting regular trims and in salon treatments will go a long way to get you to the desired health, but you need to be using complimentary products at home so that we can stay on the same page to reach those hair goals. Some clients choose to save money by not purchasing our premium line of  salon quality products for at home use, but then complain about not being able to achieve a quality style at home. You really can't expect to get great results with inferior products that are generic and cheaply made. Here are a few reasons why investing in our professional ME haircare line will add extra benefits


We use the best ingredients

Salon premium products have better ingredients. Consider our shampoos for instance - while all shampoos have the same basic elements (including water, cleaning agents, and conditioners) the quality and amount of these ingredients differs. So, while you’re most likely to see the same ingredients listed on the back of all shampoo bottles, ME products will include higher-quality cleaning agents and conditioners along with more of the organic ingredients to keep the hair healthy.

Our products are not watered down

Cheaper brands can make a big bottle seem cheap, when in fact it’s diluted too much to give good results. Our chemist uses  higher concentrations of quality active ingredients in order to maximize the beneficial effects on your hair. This will allow you to use less product. You may spend more on the bottle because the ingredients are higher quality and more concentrated, however you’ll have to replace it less often - meaning you will end up saving money.

We guarantee results

We will work with you to select the right products according to your hair type and texture and your desired outcome

Save money

Color, chemically treated and natural hair have extra reasons to choose ME haircare. Low-quality cleaners and alcohol in cheaply made shampoos dry out and strip the hair of needed moisture, causing more trips to the salon. For clients looking to save some money, investing in ME haircare will save money and hair health in the long run.


natural botanicals 

 rice bran

Organic green tea extracts

 Organic argan oil

Organic jojoba oil

Meadowseed oil

Silk Proteins

Camelina Oil

Organic white tea

Organic sunflower oil

Pure aloe Vera

Bamboo Extract

Omega 3.6.9




Organic sesame seed oil



Meadowfoam seed oil


Willow Bark

Grapeseed Oil

Golden Root Extract

Castor Oil

Mushroom Extract

Avocado Oil

Safflower Oil

Sybil is not only a talented stylist, but she also taught me about managing and enjoying the ways my hair behaves and how to treat it better. She was great to spend time with! Thanks, Sybil!


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