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This system will take your hair to another level of health and style. As well as provide temporary smoothness, straightening and shine.

This unique formulation contains rice proteins and golden root extract which increases the strength and elasticity of the hair as well as a stress reliever on the scalp. This system is great for all ages and textures of hair, including chemically relaxed, color treated and natural hair types. 

ME Anti Frizz Silk Press System W/O Treatment & Serum

  • Extra Small Set Includes: 1-4oz. Shampoo, 1-4oz. Conditioner, 1-2oz. Silk Leave In Detangling Spray.

     Small Set Includes: 1-8oz. Shampoo, 1-8oz. Conditioner, 1-4oz. Silk Leave In Detangling Spray.

    Medium Set Includes: 1-16oz. Shampoo, 1-16oz. Conditioner, 1-8oz. Silk Leave In Detangling Spray.

    Large Set Includes: 1-32oz. Shampoo, 1-32oz. Conditioner, 1-16oz. Silk Leave In Detangling Spray.

    Extra Large Set Includes: 1-64oz. Shampoo, 1-64oz. Conditioner, 1-64oz. Silk Leave In Detangling Spray.

    X X Large Set Includes: 1- Gallon Shampoo, 1- Gallon Conditioner, 1- Gallon Silk Leave In Detangling Spray.

Sybil is not only a talented stylist, but she also taught me about managing and enjoying the ways my hair behaves and how to treat it better. She was great to spend time with! Thanks, Sybil!


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