Heat Protection Kit (use on dry hair to finish)

SILKEN SERUM is liquid serum that you pour into your hand then emulsify and add to your hair great to pull through the ends before you pull up into your pony or before wrapping, a small drop will do the trick.


ULTRA SHINE MIST is a fine spray on of intense shine,

Both products will extend your silk press and keep it moist, frizz free, and long lasting!

ME Anti Frizz Shine Mist w/ Silken Serum

  • Small kit includes: 2oz. Silken Serum / 4oz. Ultra Shine Mist.

    Medium Kit includes: 4oz. Silken Serum / 8oz. Ultra Shine Mist.

    Large Kit includes: 8oz. Silken Serum / 16oz. Ultra Shine Mist.



Silkout MKE haircare that works