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One of my main goals as a hairstylist and extension artist has been to find a safe extension method that was fairly quick to install and remove. The method would have to allow me to treat the natural hair, be undetectable, easy to blend with existing color, easy to customize colors & textures, painless and would work on any texture of hair. Over the years I have combined the various install methods that I had been trained to do. After a lot of prayer and hard work, I was able to customize the perfect install for each situation. I came up with the Naloy technique.

A few years ago the technique was most requested by women with fine hair textures and relaxed hair. I am very happy to provide this service to my clients who are transitioning  from relaxed to natural hair, and because I can match any hair texture there are NO limits. Going natural can sometimes be a challenge, I have helped so many clients through the transition process. 

Why I love this method

 This technique is a client favorite said to be the most comfortable and reliable of all weft techniques offered.  With this  method, your hair is facing in a downward motion the way it grows naturally, meaning it will lay flat and grow downward with no damage to the hair follicle.  The HEALTHY HAIR WEFTS are very safe, and providing that the correct care is taken of them they will not damage your own hair. Similarly, the removal procedure will not cause any damage to the natural hair, leaving it just as it was before they were applied. In fact, many clients find that their hair is in even better condition after wearing hair extensions, as the extra hair acts as a barrier, protecting your own hair from heat and other external factors.

Why my clients LOVE this method

I have long time clients who have been succesfully wearing traditional sew-ins or lace products for years. The healthy wefts are great for those in between seasons allowing you to properly cleanse and nourish your own hair and scalp. No braids to dry, so smells and dampness are eliminated.. This is VERY important to me.  (Most of my guests have NOT returned to the traditional sew-ins..LOL)


  • FLAWLESS FLAT UNDETECTABLE installs that can be pulled up into high ponytail

  • EXCELLENT HAIR QUALITY  Straight, Wavy, Curly or Xtreme textures. I have clients who have been able to use the hair for a year or more.

  • CUSTOM COLOR OPTIONS let your imagination run wild. Blend with your existing color or change it as you please.

  • INSTALL & REMOVE TIME depending on the desired outcome your install can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours including cut and style. Removal is from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your hair

  •  LONG WEAR  Can be worn for up to 3 months if you make sure to get them tightened every 4-6 weeks. 

  • GROWTH  hair continues to grow, the only shedding will be the natural daily shedding that normally occurs.

  • SHAMPOOING  is a dream. No threads or braids to dry. The styling process is very much the same as with your own hair

Sybil is not only a talented stylist, but she also taught me about managing and enjoying the ways my hair behaves and how to treat it better. She was great to spend time with! Thanks, Sybil!


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