Are you tired of boiling rice at home, to make a rinse for your hair, only to have it go rancid and leave disgusting residue on your scalp? We have solved that problem by pulling out all the nutrients and proteins derived from rice bran.  We then combine these and other key quality ingredients to penetrate the hair strand. Not only will you love the fragrance, but you will get salon quality results.



  • STEP 1. Rice Shampoo Gently cleanses and balances the hair whlie creating volume
  • STEP 2. Rice Water Conditioner Strengthens, moisturizes, reconstructs damaged hair and builds volume.
  • STEP 3. The Rice Water leave-in treatment mist detangles, moisturizes, strengthens and gives voluminous volumes to your blow out
  • STEP 4. Rice Oil Lite Drops nourish the scalp and aids in regrowth of thinning edges and entire head of hair. 
  • STEP 5. A frizz free Rice serum seals & heals the cuticle, and offers heat protection

Can be used on all textures of hair, great for relaxed, colored, natural or transitioning 

Rice Water Collection

    • Extra Small system includes 1/4oz Shampoo. 1/4oz Conditioner. 1/2oz. Rice Water Mist. 1/2oz. Rice Lite Oil Drops. 1/2oz. Frizz Free Rice Serum
    • Small system includes 1/8oz Shampoo. 1/8oz Conditioner. 1/4oz. Rice Water Mist. 1/4oz. Rice Lite Oil Drops. 1/2oz. Frizz Free Rice Serum
    • Medium system includes 1/16oz Shampoo. 1/16oz Conditioner. 1/8oz. Rice Water Mist. 1/4oz. Rice Lite Oil Drops. 1/2oz. Frizz Free Rice Serum
    •  Large system includes 1/32oz Shampoo. 1/32oz Conditioner. 1/16oz. Rice Water Mist. 1/8oz. Rice Lite Oil Drops. 1/4oz. Frizz Free Rice Serum

Sybil is not only a talented stylist, but she also taught me about managing and enjoying the ways my hair behaves and how to treat it better. She was great to spend time with! Thanks, Sybil!